Why we created an ecosystem fund and an innovation studio dedicated to bitcoin

To move the world forward, you need to think out of the box. And to make this actually happen, developers worldwide need access to resources and technology.


That’s why we, at Monday Capital, decided to partner with RSK and create an Innovation Studio and an Ecosystem fund dedicated to invest on teams that build on top of bitcoin.

The goal is to create an opportunity for the brightest minds to be free to experiment and come up with prototypes of next-generation blockchain solutions. To experiment on new concepts in order to create new economies on top of decentralized technologies.

A radical rethink — Bitcoin is not only relevant to financial services

When the internet was first widely adopted, the impression was that its main purpose was email communication. Similarly, bitcoin has given the impression that it’s main purpose it to be a currency or a store of value.

The Studio and the Fund, by providing the right tools and resources to developers, will enable the creation of ideas that open up the possibilities for bitcoin and blockchain technology to benefit society in ways that we haven’t imagined before.

Balancing innovation and usability

Between easy-to-use developer tools, technical and business advice, and funding, the goal is to create seamless experience for developers. The role of the Studio is to create flawless development tools with great UX to make it easy for developers to explore and start building their ideas. The Fund will advise and invest in these developers when it identifies a great idea that has the potential to become a sustainable company.

There are teams of developers working on innovative projects to solve transactional problems through technology integration with decentralized infrastructure, such as:

  • Consumer payment products

  • Banking solutions

  • Marketplaces

  • Virtual reality games

  • Products that will solve privacy and identity problems, etc.

  • And anything that we haven’t even imagine yet!

Let’s do this and let’s do this together. If you have a great team and idea, feel free to contact us.

Katerina Stroponiati